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How it works:

1. Fill out the form (Order a Logo button below)

2. We get back to you with a few drafts of your logo

3. You supply some feedback

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3

5. Find the design that works, pay to receive the files.

6. If no satisfaction, don’t pay.

No bot generated clipart logos

To be noticed in the sea of competition, distinctive and original branding is a great strategy. Don’t waste your time by putting your business on the line with a poor clipart logo generated from a “free” site. Many of those sites share the same “portfolio” images and many use remanufactured artwork stolen from elsewhere. is run by real logo designers.

Real People Create your Logo

Designing a Logo requires thought, ideally a logo conveys a double meaning, and best of all one that is clever, because the public notice a clever logo. This can only be achieved by a real person at the drawing board. A piece of clipart shoved on top of your business name is not going to cut it.

Work with a designer who has 25 years Graphic Design experience. A useful logo needs a real logo designer to draw it and create the right imagery, which is new, original and projects the values of your business.


Custom Made Handcrafted Logo

Here at we look at your situation, you fill out a brief, which can be as involved or as simple as you make it.  

For example, who are your competitors? Who is your business targeting? Things we need to know to make a logo that you could no way find on a logo manufacturing site.
It means a logo that will stand the test of time, not a fad 3D object which falls out of fashion the following year. Clean flat design has always ruled and always will.
We’ve created a large quantity of artwork over the years, and frankly, our logos look great.

Real Customer Service

There’s no sales people nor project managers at, the customer communicates directly with the designer only to creat the company logo. There are no tricks or nonesense, only straight design work. What you see is what you get.  We like to be friends with our clients and usually are.

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